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Planning a Destination Wedding in Goa with? Here’s Everything that you need to Know!

Destination Wedding is the latest trend that has captivated the hearts of millennial’s. And with good reason. Most Millenial’s aren’t too pleased with spending their money ( or in many cases their parent’s money) on hosting an event for 500 guests who are probably not even aware of who the bride and groom is and are just there for th e food.

Destination Weddings, however, are completely different.

Destination Weddings tend to be a more intimate affair with the guest lists created with quality, and not quantity, in mind. They involve travel (yay!), staying and chilling at exotic locations(yay again!) and clicking Instagram worthy pics (hallelujah!). And hence, it’s a small wonder that the trend has got it’s held on the upper-Income Indians.

Most Destination Weddings are held at Exotic locations such as Rajasthan, Kerala or Shimla.


One of the most popular locations for Destination Weddings is Goa!

Yes, you read it Right! Not just famous for its beach parties, Goa is also one of the most premium locations to host your wedding and begin the start of your wonderful married life.

Why Goa?

Imagine celebrating the most important day of your life, surrounded by mesmerizingly beautiful beaches, lush green patches, and deep blue waters. What could be more memorable than that! The Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Goa are one of the most popular in India and favorite of many.

Whether you are looking for a private intimate affair or an extravagant one, Goa is perfect for all! Plus, most weddings happen in Winters, especially in northern India and it’s so much better to fly to Goa and celebrate your Big Day on beaches instead of Freezing Winters and Smog and end the day with partying on the beach, dancing to amazing music. What more could one ask for?

Do you need any more reason than this?

However: It also important that without proper planning and guidance, a Destination Wedding in Goa can go surprisingly wrong! Many couples, with the intention of saving money on wedding planners, decide to plan the whole thing on their own. This can have the opposite effect, as you would end up spending more money than you could and dealing with the stress of handling the caterers, flights, transport arrangement for guests and hotels. Without proper planning and expert guidance, a Destination Wedding in Goa can turn into a stressful event. Certainly, that’s not something one wants! Hence, it is highly recommended to hire a seasoned and experienced destination wedding planner in goa as planning a Destination Wedding can be a huge headache, if not done right.

Here’s what you should keep in Mind before planning your Dream Destination Wedding in Goa!

Accommodation/Venue –

One thing that will take a major slice of your Budget is the Venue. There are many stunning Resorts and Hotels from a variety of price range. With the help of an experienced wedding planner, you can get a good rate on packages and significantly cut down your costs.

Wedding Decor and Food Costs –

The Decor involves everything that goes into making the venue more beautiful along Photographer, Music, Makeup Artists, DJ, Fireworks and so on.

At SP Planners, we discuss the entire wedding in detail and plan and execute every aspect of the Shaadi with perfection and professionalism which makes us one of the best wedding decorators in goa. We plan the wedding decor considering your preferences, emotional needs, and budget. Pre-Wedding shoots, Wedding Choreography, Bride and Groom entry..we manage the entire wedding with perfection!

Whether it’s Exotic Beach Weddings, Goan Christian Style Weddings or Traditional Indian Weddings with its beautiful customs, We at SP Planners plan at everything to Perfection!

A Destination Wedding can be an amazing experience for you and your family if done right with perfect wedding planner in goa. If left in the hands of an amateur, it can become quite a stressful affair and the budget can go really out of hand. A seasoned and experienced Wedding Planner will not only help you organize your Budget properly but and plan the wedding accordingly.

Services we offer:
• Complete Wedding Planning
• Budget Management
• Venue Management
• Creatively Design & Themed Décor
• Celebrity Management
• Vendor Management
• Hospitality & Logistics Management

Our Special Services Include:
• Invitation Designing
• Venue Selection
• Wedding Stationery for all type of Events
• Photography & Cinematography
• Pre-wedding Shoot
• Choreographers for Sangeet Event
• Special Entries of Bride & Groom
• Entertainment & International Artist
• Mehndi & Makeup Artist
• DJ, Live Band & Emcee & many more.

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