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So it’s finally happened! You are finally engaged to the love of your life and now you are getting married! Congratulations to you and your soon to be better-half! However, once the initial hysteria wears, you realize that you are now faced with the mammoth task of planning a wedding. From endless shopping to sampling menus, the challenge has just begun. It all begins with deciding on a venue.

One of the biggest wedding trends currently is that of destination weddings. Bollywood has shown us beautiful weddings happening in picture-perfect locales, giving us serious #WeddingGoals. A destination wedding gives you the opportunity to travel with your dear ones, soak in some exotic culture, and let your hair down and enjoy the whole experience!

While there are many popular destinations for weddings, Mahabaleshwar remains quite underrated. There are many reasons why you should have a Destination Wedding in Mahabaleshwar.

Located to close proximity to Pune and Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is well connected. Book a family bus or take a train, reaching the location is quite easy and you don’t have to make extensive travel plans or worry about guests losing their way!


The Weather in Mahabaleshwar is perfect! No matter what time of the year, Mahabaleshwar is always cool and pleasant with the occasional rain. No need to worry about heat, the atmosphere in Mahabaleshwar is cool and romantic throughout the year! It’ also home to many scenic attractions such as Lingmala Waterfall, Venna Lake or Elephant’s Head Point. Not only these are amazing tourist locations but they also make the perfect place for wedding photoshoots!  There are lot of good wedding venues in Mahabaleshwar.

If you want a more regal wedding photoshoot, you can go to Morarji Castle and Pratapgarh Fort.

You can even Enjoy a yummy day at Mapro garden or visit Velocity Entertainment amusement park, or go check out the tallest cactus in India. With so much to take in, your guests are sure to remember your wedding for a long time to come.

As you can see, there are many factors that make Mahabaleshwar destination wedding the perfect destination for weddings. However, planning a Destination Wedding can be difficult. It’s certainly not easy. That’s where we come in.

As one of top wedding planners in Mahabaleshwar, we have only one goal. To ensure that this special day lives up to your expectation. We promise the wedding preparations will be stress stress-free and the entire experience will exceed your expectations. We provide you with a professional planning experience that streamlines the entire process every step of the way. We work with families to customize the perfect celebration. At the event, we take care of every minute detail behind the scenes so you can soak in the magnificence of the day, hang with your families & friends and quite simply have the time of your lives. We understand your emotional needs as well. We are available any time you may want to talk to us – be it about that nagging feeling regarding a particular flower which you think is not right, or when you need a shoulder to cry on. We provide you that impartial advice when you need it, and also help you deal with those tricky family situations where you struggle to get your word in. We are there throughout the process as your advisor, your friend and many times as part of your family.

Services we offer:

  • Complete Wedding Planning
  • Budget Management
  • Venue Management
  • Creatively Design & Themed Décor
  • Celebrity Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Hospitality & Logistics Management

Our Special Services Include:

  • Invitation Designing
  • Venue Selection
  • Wedding Stationery for all type of Events
  • Photography & Cinematography
  • Pre-wedding Shoot
  • Choreographers for Sangeet Event
  • Special Entries of Bride & Groom
  • Entertainment & International Artist
  • Mehndi & Makeup Artist
  • DJ, Live Band & Emcee & many more.

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